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Vision Therapy

The optometrists at Midwestern University Eye Institute offer comprehensive binocular vision exams and vision therapy to diagnose and treat a wide variety of visual problems including convergence insufficiency, oculomotor dysfunction, accommodative dysfunction, strabismus, and amblyopia. Common symptoms of binocular vision problems are skipping words or lines while reading, difficulty keeping words clear, eye strain and/or headaches when reading, and double vision.

What to Expect

Our assessments thoroughly examine a person’s ability to use their eyes together as a team, to move them efficiently and accurately, and to focus them correctly. Additionally, we assess the brain’s ability to properly process and interpret visual information. These evaluations allow our students and doctors to design customized therapy plans to train and improve visual skills.

Vision therapy normally consists of weekly 45-minute appointments with some activities assigned to perform at home between sessions. Therapy activities are customized for the patient’s specific deficiencies and are tailored based on age and attention level. We utilize a variety of activities ranging from virtual reality and 3D computer programs to whole body movement and eye-hand coordination.

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