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Sports Vision

Vision is much more than just seeing 20/20. In our Sports Vision Clinic, our goal is to enhance all visual abilities in order to maximize athletic performance. Athletes are required to see small details, make lightning-fast judgments, and then react accordingly. No matter if you are working to steady your gaze on a basketball rim, judge whether a pitch is a ball or a strike, or to determine where a hockey puck is going to enter the net, we work to help you see clearer and react faster.

We offer personalized evaluations at our clinic in Downers Grove as well as on-site screenings for an entire team.

What to Expect

Our specially trained optometrists and students will perform an in-depth evaluation of visual abilities far beyond what is done at a typical eye examination. Our assessments employ state of the art technology and include evaluations of accurate eye movement, tracking ability, reaction time, 3D vision, and eye-hand coordination. These assessments are designed to identify two major categories. First, we will find any visual abilities that may be deficient. Second, we will highlight any abilities that are not deficient, but can be enhanced beyond average performance. Our team will present all findings and discuss a personalized training plan to address and improve all abilities. If training is recommended, 45 minute weekly sessions will be scheduled.

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To schedule a screening for an entire team, call our coordinator at 630-743-4870

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