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The pediatric optometrists at the Midwestern University Eye Institute offer comprehensive eye care to all children from ages 6 months to 18 years. Vision is critical for development and learning and we are eager to help all children see the best that they can!

What to Expect

We are specially trained to perform examinations no matter your child’s age or attention level, all while having fun! We utilize pictures, games, lights, and toys to ensure a good experience for your child.

A child’s visual system involves much more than seeing clearly, so in addition to assessing the need for glasses or contact lenses, our thorough exams are designed to evaluate eye alignment, 3D vision, color vision, eye movement, and ocular health.

If your child needs glasses, our optical carries a wide variety of pediatric frames that are specially designed for children to be comfortable, safe, and durable.

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Our pediatric optometrists at the Eye Institute are proud to be InfantSEE® providers. InfantSEE® is a public health program that provides infants ages 6-12 months of age with comprehensive eye exams free of charge, regardless of family income or access to insurance coverage. Healthy eyes and good vision play an important role in a child’s development, so it is critical to detect conditions early that may impair proper growth and development.

The American Optometrist Association recommends scheduling your baby’s first eye exam around 6 months of age. To learn more about InfantSEE®, please visit

Developmental Milestones from Birth to 24 Months of Age:

Our Pediatric Optometrists

Sarah El-Khazendar, OD, FAAO
Jenelle Mallios, OD, FAAO
Clinton Prestwich, OD, FAAO
Adrienne Quan, OD, FAAO
Samantha Rice, OD, FAAO

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