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What is orthokeratology?

  • Orthokeratology, otherwise known as orthoK, is a process that uses gas permeable contact lenses to reshape or mold the cornea, similar to retainers for your teeth.
  • Contacts are worn overnight to reshape the cornea.
  • Best for children with an active lifestyle who do not want to wear correction during the daytime.

How does it slow down myopia?

  • OrthoK lenses work by promoting myopic defocus on the retina, which optically inhibits ocular elongation.


  • Wearer is not required to wear any correction or instill any eye drops, ultimately correcting their myopia during waking hours.
  • Full treatment is typically achieved in 1-2 weeks depending on the child’s prescription.
  • Less invasive and reversible alternative to surgery or more permanent treatment options available.
  • Less risk of infection compared to soft lenses.
  • Parents are able to help with contact lenses during nighttime compared to soft lenses worn during the day at school.


  • For best results, orthoK lenses should be worn every night for at least 7-8 hours.
  • Initial lid adaptation and discomfort compared to soft lenses.
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