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Multifocal Contacts

What are multifocal contacts?

  • A soft multifocal contact lens has transition zones built into it that allow a person to focus on objects both at distance and near.
  • The human brain is able to adapt and utilize the different powers in the contact lens in order to see clearly at each distance.
  • Multifocal contacts for myopia control are built with the center of the lens used for distance vision, and the periphery of the lens used for near vision.

How does it slow down myopia?

  • Multifocal contact lenses work similarly to orthokeratology contact lenses by reducing hyperopic defocus, or improving retinal image clarity, thus inhibiting ocular elongation.


  • More comfortable and less follow-up visits required compared to orthokeratology lenses.
  • Different lens modalities are available; therefore, replacement schedules can be catered to the parents’ or child’s needs.


  • Child hygiene and lens care are important to prevent infection as soft lenses have a higher risk of infection than gas permeable lenses.
  • May be more difficult in removal of lenses.
  • If the child is in school, it may be more difficult to monitor during the day as the lens could be accidentally dislodge from the eye.
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