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Our Dry Eye Clinic has dedicated doctors who are residency-trained in treating and managing patients with dry eye disease utilizing specialized testing in order to diagnosis their specific type of ocular surface disease. As the accurately diagnosing the specific type of dry eye, will aid in the most appropriate treatment. Whether the patient requires treatments such as Lipiflow or Intense Pulse Light therapy, we have the eye care professionals who can help.

How do you know if you need a dry eye evaluation?

  • Do you have dry eye disease symptoms including:
    • Grittiness, itchiness, or discomfort
    • Contact lens intolerance
    • Dryness or tiredness of your eyes typically at the end of the day
    • Using lubricating eye drops frequently throughout the day
  • Have you been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and started having dry eyes and a dry mouth?
  • Do you feel as though you do not produce enough tears?

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Dry Eye Doctors:

Jessica Jose, OD, FSLS, FAAO
Vakishan Nadarajah, OD, FSLS, FAAO

Patient Education on Dry Eye:

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