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Specialty Contact Lens Services

Our Specialty Contact Lens Clinic doctors residency-trained in fitting gas permeable corneal, custom soft, cosmetic color/tinted, hybrid, scleral, orthokeratology contact lenses and prosthetics of all types, which may be required for various corneal conditions.

Our residency-trained cornea doctors also diagnose and management an array of corneal disease including: keratoconus, pathological myopia, post-surgical corneal grafts, ocular surface disease, irregular corneas, disfigured eyes, and pediatric aphakia by utilizing both up-to-date ophthalmic instruments and specialty contact lenses.

How do you know if you may need a specialty contact lens?

  • Have you been diagnosed with an irregular cornea (keratoconus, etc.)?
  • Do you have severe dry eye?
  • Have commercial soft lenses or glasses not improved your vision?
  • Do you have light sensitivity or require a cosmetic benefit?

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Specialty Contact Lens Doctors:

Daniel Deligio, OD, FSLS, FAAO
John Gialousakis, OD, FSLS, FAAO
Jessica Jose, OD, FSLS, FAAO
Vakishan Nadarajah, OD, FSLS, FAAO

Patient Education of Specialty Contact Lenses:

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