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Atropine Eye Drops

What is atropine?

  • Atropine is an eye drop used for dilation, myopia control, and amblyopia treatment.
  • Works by blocking receptors in the eye that allow for pupil constriction.
  • Low concentration atropine is utilized to reduce possible side effects and myopic rebound after stopping the topical drug.

How does it slow down myopia?

  • Theories suggest that the drug physically regulates the receptors in the eye that play a role in ocular elongation rather than optically slowing myopia as accomplished by glasses/contact lenses; however the exact mechanism is still unknown.


  • Atropine eye drop is typically administered once a day before bedtime.
  • Less follow-up appointments are required.


  • Side effects may occur including: minimal light sensitivity, glare, blur at near, or redness.
  • Patient will still need optical correction for their prescription.
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