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Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Acquired brain injuries (ABI) are injuries that include stroke, tumor, and concussion. ABI can have a profound effect on visual processes. People who suffer from brain injuries often report trouble focusing, losing their place while reading, light sensitivity, and double vision.

What to Expect

Our optometrists are specially trained to provide comprehensive evaluation and therapy for patients with brain injury to improve their visual function. The evaluation may take 1-2 hours to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the visual system.

Our assessments include evaluations of visual field loss, accurate eye movement, the ability of the eyes to work as a team, accurate eye focusing, visual memory  , and visual information processing.

Treatment of symptoms and visual dysfunction that can arise after ABI can be complex. Our providers are trained to utilize multiple tools to assist our patient’s recovery. We regularly employ vision therapy, tinted lenses, and prisms to help our patients manage their symptoms. Additionally, we are experienced in working with the entire rehabilitation team and communicate regularly with other health care providers to ensure continuity of care.

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