treats a patient using new dry eye technology

Eye Institute Offers New Treatment for Dry Eyes

February 1, 2021

The time we spend looking at screens and electronic devices affects our eyes and has contributed to an increase in dry eye disease. Currently, more than 16 million people in the United States are dealing with dry eyes. While dry eye is a common problem for adults, more and more children are being affected because of the constant use of digital devices.

Clinicians at the Eye Institute at the Downers Grove Multispecialty Clinic are also seeing an increasing number of patients suffering from dry eyes. Fortunately, the Eye Institute has two new instruments to help combat dry eye. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment for dry eye uses light pulses to melt and release hardened oils that have clogged the glands in the eyelids, while the LipiFlow treatment combines heat with physical eyelid massage to melt and express the glands’ contents to help restore the ocular surface.

These noninvasive treatments can be quickly administered at the clinic and are fairly new additions to the eye care toolbox. Clinicians at the Eye Institute are excited to be among the first clinics in the Chicago area to offer both treatment options to patients.

“We all experience dry eye. Anyone who sits at a computer all day is a candidate for it,” said Jessica Jose, O.D., FAAO, Assistant Professor, Chicago College of Optometry. “Due to the comprehensive nature of our clinic, we can offer these treatments to a wider range of people.”

Pictured: Vakishan Nadarajah, O.D., FAAO, FSLS, Assistant Professor, Chicago College of Optometry, treats a patient using new dry eye technology at the Eye Institute.


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