Midwestern University Clinics Pediatric Dentist Showing Child How To Brush Teeth

Dental Sealants for Children

September 26, 2017

Almost 50% of children experience tooth decay by age four, and children between the ages of five and seventeen are five times more likely to have tooth decay than asthma, hay fever, or chronic bronchitis. Tooth sealants, combined with regular tooth brushing, are an effective way to help prevent tooth decay in children.

Tooth or dental sealants are plastic coatings that bond to the grooves of teeth to create a smoother, easier-to-clean tooth surface that helps ward off decay. Sealants can be applied as early as age 6 when molars appear, and typically cost between $35 to $60 per tooth. For every $10 spent on oral health prevention, an estimated $8-$50 can be saved in future restorative and emergency treatment, as well as the potential time lost at school due to dental problems.

To help prevent cavities, help your child avoid sugary drinks and treats, teach good oral health and brushing habits, schedule your child’s dental checkups regularly, and see your dentist if your child has any ongoing complaints about tooth or mouth pain.

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