Kimberly McKinnon, D.O.

Clinical Assistant Professor

A native to the area and 2009 graduate of Midwestern University, Dr. McKinnon completed her postgraduate training at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago’s near North Side.  She is dually board-certified in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  Her mission is to provide consistent, compassionate care that focuses on preventative measures and lifestyle programs to promote optimal health.  Dr. McKinnon firmly believes that each patient deserves primary care that guides and provides all opportunities to be well first.  She also actively advocates and practices in the areas of women’s health, weight management, and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Building on the axiom of “total patient care,” Dr. McKinnon works with the patient as a work-in-progress, and sees much of her practice as guiding and mentorship of the patient to be empowered in achieving their personalized health goals.  Her work in the field of weight management has honed this philosophy into actionable programs that coordinate care among trusted professionals.

“To treat someone solely as a problem-based equation would be a disservice.  Appreciation for the whole person is essential to provide each person with the best quality of care possible.  It takes time and trust, which I am committed to give and earn.”

Dr. McKinnon maintains an active lifestyle having run five marathons, including Boston, climbed Mount Kilamanjaro, and played semi-professional soccer in Chicago, though she spends much of her free time continuing education and participating in the medical community to further her knowledge and skill.

“I wanted to be a doctor from a very young age.  If there’s one thing that I hold true, it is that a good physician should be a good example for their patients.  If I can lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, including keep up with my family’s hectic schedule, I believe I can help my patient find ways to do the same.”