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Athletes of all ages and skill levels may benefit from sports medicine services at the Midwestern University Clinics. Increase your reaction time, learn how to prevent injuries, enhance your mental focus, and more – all in one convenient location. To learn more, visit each specialty area below.

General Sports Medicine

Midwestern University Clinics provide services for athletes of all ages and at all competitive levels to maximize your athletic potential. Specialized athletic programs include exercise and stretch coaching, injury prevention and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning training, balance and kinesiology, and pain reduction.


What you put in your body can make a big difference in what kind of effort you put out on the playing field. Midwestern University pharmacists provide expert advice in areas such as nutrition, diet, and dietary supplements which can boost your performance in a safe and healthy way.


Foot and ankle health is essential both for athletic performance and healthy and safe competition. From simply picking the right shoes for your sport to advanced solutions such as ultrasound diagnosis, surgical remedies for overuse injuries, and trauma care, our podiatrists help you find the proper competitive balance and keep you on your feet.


An athletic body requires an athletic mind if you want the best chance for success. Sports psychology services help you acquire the mental skills to cope with the rigors of competition: high-pressure situations, depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, grief and loss, and the stresses of injury rehabilitation.

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