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Sports Medicine Services

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Athletes of all ages and skill levels can benefit from a full array of sports medicine services in one convenient location at the Midwestern University Clinics. Increase your reaction time, learn how to prevent injuries, enhance your mental focus, maximize your nutrition program, and more.

General Sports Medicine

Midwestern University Clinics provide services for athletes of all ages and at all competitive levels to maximize your athletic potential. Specialized athletic programs include exercise and stretch coaching, injury prevention and rehabilitation, regenerative medicine treatments, strength and conditioning training, balance and kinesiology, acupuncture, and chronic pain management/reduction.


Foot and ankle health is essential both for athletic performance and healthy and safe competition. From simply picking the right shoes for your sport to advanced solutions such as ultrasound diagnosis, surgical remedies for overuse or trauma injuries, our podiatrists help you find the proper competitive balance and keep you on your feet.


Osteopathic physicians are licensed medical doctors offering all the techniques and treatments of modern medicine with the added benefits of hands-on diagnostics and a holistic philosophy. OMM treatment is based on an in-depth understanding of how all of the body’s systems are connected, with specialized techniques to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions experienced by athletes and performing artists.


The Midwestern University Physical Therapy Institute offers on-on-one, individualized treatment plans based on a thorough assessment of the underlying movement or neuromuscular problem. We partner with you to create a plan including home exercises and instruction in functional and athletic activities to maximize your involvement in treatment and help you reach your performance and movement goals.


What you put in your body can make a big difference in what kind of effort you put out on the playing field. Our doctors can refer you for consultation with Midwestern University pharmacists to provide expert advice in areas such as nutrition, diet, and dietary supplements which can boost your performance in a safe and healthy way.


The Midwestern University Eye Institute sports vision training program offers individualized assessment and vision therapy that can help improve your game for your highest performance. We also offer custom prescription contact lenses and athletic eyewear to help you see your best on and off the field.


The Midwestern University Dental Institute offers our established patients custom mouth guards and care for oral trauma from injuries, as well as preventive maintenance and orthodontics. You can be a top athletic performer and still have a dazzling smile for the cameras!

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