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Ocular Disease

As a person ages, the risk for development of common eye diseases increases. Many eye diseases have no early warning signs or symptoms, but a dilated eye exam can help detect common eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, thyroid eye disease, and dry eye.

How We Can Help:

Our doctors are trained in how to diagnose and treat eye diseases. The Midwestern University Eye Institute has state of the art equipment for a variety of eye conditions. Every primary care eye exam at the Midwestern University Eye Institute screens for eye disease.

What to Expect:

If you are a patient in our clinic, you will be examined by a team of Midwestern University students and doctor. The exam will be around two hours in duration and you will most likely have your eyes dilated. If you or your doctor suspect an eye disease, additional eye tests may be necessary to assess the health of your eye. In most instances, the evaluation will be billed to your medical insurance rather than to vision insurance.

Clinic Contact Information:

For an Ocular Disease evaluation, please contact 623-537-6000, option 2.

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