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Do you have eyes that burn, sting, feel gritty, have transient blurry vision, or experience eyes that tear frequently? If so you may be experiencing ocular dryness. This is a very common condition that increases with age. Symptoms can be very impactful on ones quality of life. The tear layer is extremely important to both vision and the health of the eye. Causes of dry eye may vary and the condition can be progressive so it’s important to have it evaluated.

How We Can Help:

There have been many advances in the dry eye field over the past 10 years. The Eye Institute is a cutting-edge facility that employs the latest treatments to combat this difficult condition. Whether it be home remedies, in-office procedures or prescribed medications, the students and doctors at Midwestern University practice evidence-based medicine so therapies are not randomly selected and recommended, but each case is carefully considered. The patient is included in the treatment decisions as many options are often available.

What to Expect:

If you’ve never been to the Eye Institute we will begin with a complete eye exam that evaluates the ocular health and vision from the front of the eye to the back. Often times, what we think is dry eye may be something else entirely. If it’s determined that dry eye is the likely source of your signs and symptoms then we will perform a more extensive evaluation that focuses on key elements of this disease. The Eye Institute believes that it’s vitally important to educate the patient well so that they fully understand their condition. Thereafter, a personalized treatment plan will be designed. Finally, you can rest assured that the Eye Institute is an affordable option for your dry eye care. In most instances, the evaluation will be billed to your medical insurance rather than to vision insurance.

Clinic Contact Information:

For a dry eye evaluation, please contact 623-537-6000, option 2.

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