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Pediatric Dentistry

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Working as a team, Midwestern faculty and students use the latest technology to provide complete primary and specialty dental services for children ages one and older—as well as contemporary orthodontic treatment for children and adults—at affordable prices.

Our pediatrics suite is designed to help your children feel comfortable while visiting the dentist, no matter their age.  Our faculty and student doctors remain attentive to each patient and parent during each visit, whether it be for an exam, cleaning, fillings, extractions, or other dental treatments. We also help educate parents and patients on preventing tooth decay and maintaining baby teeth until they naturally come out, as well as taking care of adult teeth when they come in.

We welcome new parents and their babies to discuss infant oral care, and we will continue to monitor your child’s dental progression, making recommendations as needed.

Because children’s mouths are continually changing as they grow and develop, our examinations must be thorough and appointments do take a little longer…so our family-oriented waiting area keeps children occupied—both the patient and his or her brothers and sisters.

Complete contemporary orthodontic services are also available for children and adults. For children, we recommend an orthodontic screening by age 7, because some children can benefit from early orthodontic intervention before all their adult teeth are in.

Patients of all ages who have special healthcare needs can find it especially challenging to receive dental care. You can request your appointment when a therapy dog is available to help patients relax. Our board-certified anesthesiologist aids patients who require sedation or anesthesia, and we use advanced dental laser treatments wherever possible to minimize pain and trauma and to speed healing.

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Pediatric Dentistry

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Specialty Dental Services

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What to Expect

What Makes Our Pediatric Dental Care Unique?

  • With the addition of new dental laser technology, we can o en treat cavities without using a drill or anesthesia.
  • Each child’s dental chair is equipped with a video monitor to ease anxiety.
  • Our supervising pediatric dentist is board certified and has 15 years of pediatric dental care experience.
  • Nitrous Oxide is available for those children with manageable dental anxiety.
  • Both general and specialty dental care are available in one convenient location.

Did You Know?

  • Almost 50% of children experience tooth decay by age five/kindergarten.
  • About 51 million hours of school are missed each year due to dental problems.
  • Children between the ages of five and 17 years are five times more likely to have tooth decay than asthma, hay fever, or chronic bronchitis.
  • For every dollar spent on preventing dental disease, an estimated $8 to $50 can be saved in restorative and emergency treatment.
  • Tooth decay is preventable.

Our team can coach you and your children on daily dental home care and lifestyle modi cations to prevent dental disease.

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